How to build your own magnificent ‘Dune’-like Glowglobe in Blender (no spoiler)

It was somewhen mid summer in the last year, on one of those worryingly seldom days that I tried to give my best at the gym on a cross trainer and finally do something for a healthier life (as a student + software developer – you can image how it must have looked like), when I first took a glance at the Dune trailer on the TV which was hanging far from my station. Without any glasses in my face, short-sighted me tried to see it pretty hard while doing the old ‘narrow your eyes till nearly closed zoom-in’-trick (without any success of course) and thought to myself: “Wow – those blurry pixels look interesting”

So when I got home after the training, while convincing myself that I’ll do this more often in the next time (and I mean the training part – not the looking at a TV in a gym like a weirdo part), I watched the trailer again and then thought: “Wow – those sharp pixels look interesting”. I didn’t want to hype myself too much as it would only leave a dark void withing my heart when the movie was not going to be as good as I imagined (you probably know the drill).

After forgetting about the whole thing again for a month or so, I decided to go and watch the movie with someone dear (I needed to have a shoulder to lean on, if the movie was going to be bad). But I must say, to my surprise more or less, the movie killed it for me! And now I have it… I’m certainly hyped for the next part. But what can I do now to express my hyped-ness so that it won’t eat me from the inside one day only to make a hype-monster out of myself? My answer to this question can be answered with one word: make something artsy about it. Here’s the result:

If you’ve seen the movie, you probably also remember this floating wheel of hot stuff from one of the earlier scenes. I did some research (I googled it) and found that it is something they call a ‘glowglobe’. I don’t know if it is extremely relevant throughout the whole story of the universe that the movie plays in (or the book from which it originates), but I found it really fancy, so I decided to recreate my own glowglobe in blender.

I did not find many reference images on the net though, only this page of the dune wiki where we can also see an image from the movie: This helped me to plan the model.

Glowglobe in Blender – Modelling

After I sketched the structure I started making the base model. The tutorial videos bellow will show you how to make it, but have no sound, so turn on some funky electro-swing music or whatever you are into before starting them.

After I had the base, I continued to model the inner structure:

Then I connected the inner part with the outer shell (the next video is overly detailed with every tiny step included – so increase speed to your liking or just jump to the specific parts):

Shading / Materials

Now the result just looks like some fancy looking car-tire. So let’s improve it! The material of the “frame” is basically just some black diffuse shader. Here are the other Materials that I made for the light emitting parts (the inner and the outer shell) for you to copy:

Basic Emitter for the outer shell
Emitter Material for the inner part of the shell

Assign the materials to the model like in the following video:

Assigning materials to the model

After setting up the scene with a house-atreides-like pavement and a dense fog, this is the result:

Glowglobe Result Image
Result Image, See the full animation at the top of the post.

Let me know what you think of it in the comments or let me know if something is unclear. Enjoy your new glowglobe model!

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